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Your Product and Assessment
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Your Product and Assessment

Your task - 60 points

You are to assume the role of a curator for a major exhibit at a major museum. The focus for the theme is Renaissance Art. You are to select 10 works by various artists. You are to describe in detail the works of art, write a brief biographical sketch of the artist and your rationale for including that particular work of art. Please note that the works can include paintings, pictures of frescoes, sculpture, pictures of architectural works, works of literature, or music, etc..

Outstanding____   Very Good____   Adequate____   Less than expectations____   

Research and Preparation - 30 points

There should be evidence of the use of a VARIETY of challenging, reliable, and appropriate resources in your Works Cited page of your research paper. You must use books in addition to your other resources. Your paper is to be written in your own words.

Deadlines must be met to earn full credit. 15 points will be deducted for the first day late. Beyond that time, an additional letter grade will be dropped for each day late.

The paper should be neat and assembled before coming to class to turn it in. If you have problems with your computer, especially the printer, you must write the paper by hand. A paper on a disk will not be accepted and the paper should not be printed in class. Do what you have to do in order to be ready to hand in your paper as you enter class.

Outstanding____   Adequate____   Less than expectations____   

Bibliography - 10 points

There should be a bibliography (Works Cited page) according to the MHS Research Style Guide. For this research paper, you should indicate where you found a particular resource and an annotation related to its usefulness. Failure to include a bibliography (Works Cited page) and follow the prescribed format will result in the loss of 15 points.

Consideration will be given to your choice of topic and the amount of information readily available

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