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Your objective in this assignment is to research specific areas in regards to the play The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

1. Research specific information on Macbeth
2. Find at least 25 pieces of information
3. Every piece of information must include a citation: author, title, publisher, internet address etc.
4. The information must be presented in your own words
5. You must use 60% internet / database sources and 40% print sources

Areas of research

Character Development/Analysis:

Who the character is? Why the character is important? What have people (critics said about the character)? Themes/Meanings/Motifs:

What they are?
Where they can be found?
Why are they used? Literary Devices:

What they are?
Where they can be found?
Why they are used and their importance? Criticism:

What have people(critics) said about the play?

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