Industrial Revolution Webquest

Industrial Revolution Webquest

The most far-reaching and influential transformation of human culture since the advent of agriculture eight or ten thousand years ago was the industrial revolution of eighteenth century Europe. The consequences of this revolution would change irrevocably human labor, consumption, family structure, social structure, and even the very soul and thoughts of the individual. What drove the industrial revolution were profound social changes, as Europe moved from a primarily rural, agricultural, family-based economy to an urban, capitalist, industrial-based economy. This required rethinking social obligations and the structure of the family. The Industrial Revolution is the most dramatic change the world has ever undergone and its impact is still being felt by families today.

Task Process Resources Evaluation Product

Your Task

In your groups, you are to research and examine an aspect of the Industrial Revolution, and then present your findings to the class. You and your group will provide information to your classmates in a 10 minute presentation during which you may use posters, overheads, pictures, multi-media presentations and/or role-play. Moreover, you must provide each person in the class a handout which contains information related to your topic. Each student must write an essay on the most significant development related to the Industrial Revolution. Be sure to follow the CAPT essay format. In conclusion, write a short paragraph answering the reflection questions below.

Each group will be assigned one of the following topics:

Child Labor
Factory System
Growth of Cities
Internal Combustion Engine
Iron and Steel Industry
Music, Art, and Literature
Steam Engine
Textiles and Mills
Women's Rights

The Process

Your presentation and handout must include the answers to the following questions:

1. What innovation/change occurred and how things were done before the Revolution?

2. Who was/were the main people involved in this change?

3. In which country did the innovation/change first take place?

4. How did the innovation/changes in this area affect the Industrial Revolution and/or people as a whole?

5. How are we affected by the innovation/change today?

Working in a group:

1. Examine various resources available to the group in the Library Media Center.

2. Answer the questions.

3. Share your answers with the group.

4. Plan how you will present these answers.

5. Create the handout and provide a copy a block period before the presentation.

6. Let your teacher know at least one day in advance if you need special equipment for your presentation.

Industrial Revolution Resources

General Information

Industrial Revolution: Western New England College

Industrial Revolution: Creative Impulse

Industrial Revolution: Historyteacher.Net

Industrial Revolution: Fordham University

Industrial Revolution: Fresno Schools

Industrial Revolution History

Industrial Revolution Timeline

Child Labor and the Industrial Revolution

Child Labor: Liberty Haven

History of Child Labor

Child Labor:Snohomish High School

Factory System and the Industrial Revolution

Factories: HistoryLearningSite

Factories: Brettia.Com

Factories: West Virginia University

Factories: Sweatshops

Growth of Cities and the Industrial Revolution

Cities: HistoryLearningSite

Cities: Migration

Inventors and Machine Inventions

Famous Businessmen/Inventors

Famous Businessmen/Inventors

Textiles and Mills

Cotton Mills

Samuel Slater and Mills

Textile Mills

Transportation and the Industrial Revolution

Transportation: Clemson University

Transportation: Railroads

Transportation: Steam Engine and Watt

Women and the Industrial Revolution

Women in World History

Women Miners

Women's Role


Your teacher will present a rubric.

Industrial Revolution WebQuest Rubric
Judging Criteria
for Presentation
Student makes good use of time provided and uses a variety of quality resources (based on availability according to topic.
Student does an adequate job during time provided. Student uses an adequate number of resources.
Student does a less than acceptable job on research.
Covers topic thoroughly and delivers presentation reflectively.
Does an adequate job on presentation.
Does a les than adequate presentation.
Outstanding job on handout.
Adequate job on handout.
Less than adequate job on handout.
Essay is outstanding, supports in thorough fashion, has clear position statement and is written in CAPT format, avoids errors as specified in CAPT materials and in class.
Essay is adequate. Student writes decent position statement and provides adequate support.
Essay is less than adequate, problems with postion statement or support in writing.
Reflective Paragraph
Student does an outstanding job of reflecting and writes an outstanding paragraph.
Student writes an adequate reflective paragraph.
Student's reflective paragraph is of poor quality.
Cooperation Participation Attention
Student's decorum in research and/or group work and/or presentations is excellent.
Student's decorum in research and/or group work and/or presentations is acceptable.
Student's decorum in research and/or group work and/or presentations is unacceptable.
Works Cited
Student's does an outstanding job of listing works cited according to MLA format.
Student's does an adequate job of listing works cited according to MLA format.
Student's does an inadequate job of listing works cited according to MLA format.


Write a essay on the following question: What was the most important invention/innovation of the Industrial Revolution and why?


Answer the following questions:

1. What was the most interesting item you learned about the Industrial Revolution?

2. What source was the most valuable to you in preparing for this assignment?

3. How would you change this unit to make it more effective?

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