Guns, Germs and Steel

Using the knowledge you gained from watching the PBS program Guns, Germs and Steel as well as the sources below, you will each show how a specific plant or animal was introduced to the U.S. and discuss how this impacted the country. Your poster must answer the following four questions:


  1. What country or area of the world did the animal or plant come from?
  2. When was the animal first domesticated and by whom?  or

When was the plant cultivated and by whom?

  1. When and how did the plant or animal first come to the Americas?
  2. How or why did this plant or animal make us stronger as a nation?

(hint: think in terms of wealth and riches).


Here are the items you may choose from:


History of Wheat

History of Wheat in the US


History of Barley

History of Barley


History of Rice

History of Rice


History of Sorghum

History of Sorghum


Dairy Cattle History

Beef Cattle History


History of Goats in the US

Domestication and uses


Sheep History in the US

Sheep History


History of Pigs

Origin of Pigs


History of the Horse

Domestication of the Horse

Additional Resources:

Guns, Germs and Steel Variables,

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