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Genetic Ethics Webquest

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Your Task

When an issue presents controversy and opposing ideas, many formats can be used to discuss and debate the issue. Your responsibility, as a group, is to design and hold a panel discussion of the topic you are given.

Procedure and Product

Question: What are the potential ethical implications of the major advancements in genetics over the past few years?

Audience: The general public

Purpose: To inform and educate people about a specific issue.

The format of a panel discussion is as follows:

1. Moderator will welcome audience and introduce the topic

2. Panel members will make opening statements

3. Panel members will answer questions from the moderator

4. Panel members will answer questions from the audience

Panel Member roles:

Geneticists: You are the technical experts of the panel. How does it work? What can it do?
             What can it be used for?

Civilians: You represent the public's interest in the topic. How might it affect you and the
           way you live your life?

Theologian: What are the potential religious implications? Consider the effects on ALL religions.

Insurance Agent: How will your business be affected by advancements in this area? Will it affect 
                 how you decide who you will insure and wh you will reject?

Nurse in an abortion clinic: You have seen many people make the decision to abort a pregnancy.
                 How do you think this will affect those decisions? Should it be used to make 
                 the decision?

Farmer: How is this advancement used in your field? How can it affect the world through you?

Elderly Person: You are 83 years old.  What do you think about this advancement?  Do you want it?
                Do you think it would be a good thing?

Young Person: You are 20 years old. What do you think of the advancement?   Do you want it?
              Do you think it would be a good thing?

Nurse/Orderly/Convalescent Home Owner: You work with those near the end of their lives. What
             do you think of the advancement?  Do you think it would be a good thing?

Procedure for Research:

1. Assign group roles and review handouts

2. Research the topic using reputable scientific journals and web sites links on this webquest

Refer to library web site for link to MHS Databases

3. Discuss your research findings with other group members

4. Construct your viewpoint / arguments based on your role

5. Design and carry out the panel discussion


See rubrics handout

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