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Lessons of the 1800s to 1914 - Prelude to World War I

During the nineteenth century Europe rose above all nations in status and power due to many innovationsand progresses in industrial technology. These advances put them well ahead of many countries, many with long, rich, deep histories, such as China, Africa, and India. By looking at the Europeans conquest over many countries, reveals the impact the technological developments had in the advancement of European imperialism during the 1800's. Europeans occupied or controlled thirty five percent of the land surface of the world. By 1914 this number had rose to eighty four percent.

Task/Process Resources Evaluation

Your Task / Process

Plan an activity for the class and carry it out. Your activity might take one of the following forms: an oral presentation, a powerpoint presentation, a film with an activity or a class activity which involves members of the class. You are to provide what your group determines is the most crucial information each student should know about your topic. Create a page of notes for the students with a concise overview of the chapter. Each group is to select at least one reading from the topic from your various sources. A copy of the notes and reading are to be submitted prior to the presentation allowing enough time for them to be copied so your group will be able to hand them to classmates. Each group is to hand in a brief description of their activity and a works cited page according to MLA style as they are ready to present.There will be two library days to gather information. All groups must be prepared with or without all members present.

Each group will be assigned one of the following topics:

Cultural dominance of the European Middle Classes
European politics from 1815 to 1871
European politics from 1871 to 1914
Transplanted Europeans from 1815 to 1914
Africa and the Middle East from 1900 to 1914
Asia from 1800 to 1914


General Information

Imperialism: Encarta Encyclopedia

Imperialism: Wikipedia

Imperialism: Fordham University

Imperialism: Fresno Schools

Imperialism: HistoryTeacher.Net

Imperialism: Western New England College

By Region

Imperialism Africa

Africa: Oswego Regents Prep

Imperialism Map of Africa

European Countries in Africa

Imperialism Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia: Oswego Regents Prep

Imperialism Map of Southeast Asia

Imperialism South America

South America: Oswego Regents Prep

Monroe Doctrine

By Country

Imperialism China

China: Oswego Regents Prep

Boxer Rebellion

Opium Wars

Imperialism Japan

Japan: Oswego Regents Prep

Meiji Restoration

Imperialism India

India: Oswego Regents Prep

East India Company

British Conquest of India

Imperialism South Africa

South Africa--A Country Study
Scroll down to topics on Imperialism.

Timeline of South African History
Valuable information in consolidated form.

Imperialism Nigeria

News Headlines from Nigeria
Good information for the Media Consultant.

NIGERIA - A Country Study
Scroll down to topics on Colonialism.

The Colonial and Postcolonial History and Literature of Nigeria
This website focuses specifically on the process and the effects of colonialism in Nigeria.

Pinecrest School Advanced Placement  Comparative Government - Nigeria
Check out the questions posted at the top.

Scottís Excellent Adventure in Nigeria
A Modern Narrative.  The bottom third of the page comments on how imperialism has affected the people of Nigeria.  This would be a good section for the Ordinary Citizen and the Media Consultant to check out. 

Imperialism Indonesia

An Online Time-Line of Indonesia
Special sections on the Age of Imperialism and Indonesia in recent years.

Comprehensive History of Indonesia
See sections on Dutch rule.

Recent News and Essays on Imperialism in Indonesia
(On the World Socialist Web site) Good for the Media Consultant!

The Indonesian Page of the People's Movement for Justice and Democracy
Good for the Media Consultant.

Imperialism Vietnam

Vietnam History 
  Excellent framework. Search "Vietnam History" and scroll down to the end.

Geneva Conference for Independent Indochina
Primary source document about the terms of independence.

Brief history of French colonization
An overview of Vietnamese history.


Each group must turn in a Works Cited page according to MLA format.
Product and Performance Assessment
Standard for Evaluating a Product or Performance
Exceptional Acceptable Poor
Purpose and Treatment
The purpose of the product or presentation is clear.
The product or presentation meets the stated purpose.
The topic has been taken seriously.
The topic has been treated thoroughly.
Use of Resources
A variety of resources has been used.
The student has shown creativity in finding resources.
The resources have been used well and credited accurately.
Group Performance
All members contributed to the final product or performance.
Each member fulfilled his or her assigned role.
Final Product or Presentation
All aspects of the product or performance are outstanding.
The product makes a contribution to the targeted area.
The presentation was done well.
The presentation observed time limitations.

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